First Month

Monday, November 20, 2006

Today is my first wedding "monthsary". It is kinda weird to even celebrate it but hey, we are newly weds.

So I slept all day. We both have work tonight and we need to have our clothes pressed and all. So we stayed at home, hung out with Pebbles and Coffee ( our dogs ). Pretty nice day.

Then Kuya Randy called....

He told my wife that his dad had a lockjaw. He was going to be rushed to the hospital.

And then the panic. We got dressed, packed our bags and went off ( with her mom ).

We got there and everything was kinda ok.

Then we went home. Her Dad and her Bro stayed at home and she would watch over them till tomorrow. I went to hell...i mean work

When I got here, they are interviewing the soon-to-be OM of yahoo..

And I have a FEEDBACK session later...

great day...and it is not over yet

Let's begin

Thursday, November 16, 2006

You guys know I only write when I am angry. And you guys know that I only blog when there is something that bothers me. And you guys know that a thing that can bother me is so damn big that some people cannot handle it....

I applied for the much awaited OM position in the "best" call center in the country ( check the quotation marks ) in MY program ( check the enunciation ). I applied because everyone wanted me to become the next OM. And I wanted it too, because finally I will be a very integral part of this program.

The application process begins.

My first interview went berserk. Its like I did not know what I was talking about. Hey, how long has it been since my last interview? I was never good at this, well at least when I am at ease and not raging mad. I sucked, to keep it short.

And it was confirmed, my chance to become a manager in MY program was taken away. Well, at the time I am writing this blog I have not received official word. But by the looks of things, that is where I'm going.

You know, its like this...

You work soooooo hard and took so many kinds of SHIT and hey, "working for the company is a reward on its own". This was not the company that I applied for in the first place, this is not the company that I started with, THIS IS NOT THE COMPANY THAT I LOVE. It is full of posers, wanna-bes, hey-look-at-me-I-am-a-successful-yuppie dimwits. Why did I even apply?

You wanna know why? Because of my program. Not because of the clients, the product, my manager, because of the PROGRAM, the people in it. I have developed and molded great people that I cannot bear to give them away to somebody who will get the job because he/she/it speaks better than me.