Monday, August 25, 2008

Do you remember Lex Luthor? What am i saying? Who does not know the guy? I am not a Superman expert but I know at some point he wanted to destroy the world. Ok fine, he wants to rule the world. What about Sepiroth? Any Final Fantasy geek knows who he is and what he intends to do with the planet.

So what is my point?

Everyday I see a good reason to destroy the world. For the past few days, I have been thinking like a super villain. I see people who have no care for anyone but themselves. I see people who would not help an old lady who tripped and fell on her knees. I see people who live like they are kings and queens of the land and laugh at people who had less than what they have. People who pull other people down or step on other people just to climb the corporate or social ladder. And this my friends, are people from the real world. Not for movies or tv shows, I mean these people are REAL. I'm sure, because I work with some of them.

I started to understand why these villains would like to destroy the world. I understand why the opt to just press the reset button and start all over again. I mean what kind of society spend billions and billions of dollars on an event and have countries that starve to death. Why do we as a species let that happen? Why do we have fashionistas and still have people having a hard time getting food on the table for their families?

If I had the capability to destroy the world I would....

Then I see my son...and I now know why I shouldn't....

Rant #1

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What the hell happened to me?

I used to be a guy that did not care much about the world, or what it thinks of me. I was a happy go lucky guy who looks at life day by day. I don't know. I just feel bad today. My wife thought I was mad at her, and I was not. That made me feel even worse.

I don't really know, I feel kinda down lately. Maybe because of somethings that I expected to be something else. After 5 years in the company, I was hoping to be somewhat of a manger or something. I am still a Team Lead, well, Senior Team Lead ( which means that they get to throw manager stuff at me to do without the salary nor the position ). But I have been bitching about that for the longest time now so I don't think that's it.

My son does not know me anymore. There was one time that me and my wife came home, I got him and brought him to our bedroom. I started playing with him and my wife was standing and going to change into something comfy. She went into the bathroom, and my son cried like he was being injected with something. I mean there were tears flowing, not dropping, flowing. I just thought that he was missing Mommy and all. When my wife got back he was laughing. When it was my turn to change, he didn't even mind me. He kept on playing with his mom. Great.

I just hate my world today


Monday, August 18, 2008

Hah! I am back!

Someone commented on this blog and I thought...hey, I like this blog, so I'll Use it again. My apologies to those people going to this blog and finding it empty....

Anyways, what is happening with me...

1. We bought a car last year. A 1996 Mazda Protege Gen 2. That's a 1996 Mazda Familia. We kinda bought it out of the blue since my wife was preggy and I can't imagine myself looking for a cab Monday morning to go to UST. Here she is

2. I have a son. Paul Nathan Trinidad. My God, I can't start on how lucky we are to get a baby boy like him. Anyways check out my multiply site for updates and pictures.

Well those are my new things. Promise I will update this blog from now on...