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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ok so here it is. My first attempt to monetize my blog.

I have read about making money online. There are a lot of things out there so you have to be careful. Select the best one that suits your taste and then start it, as one blogger says.

Me I like writing about stuff. Reviews, endorsements, and advertising. That is my gig. I know I still have a long way to go but here is my first step. Someone told me about Link from Blog. I went to their site and I like the idea.

This site is for both Advertisers and Bloggers. Truly a community promoting online advertising. Advertisers can sign up and look for writers to advertise their product. Bloggers on the other hand would earn by doing a write up about a that certain product. I know that this sounds familiar, but here is the catch. They are offering 0% commissions and not withdrawal fee! Now together with the free sign up, you absolutely have nothing to shell out and earn immediately.

I have started my journey towards my new career. You guys should try it. Click here if you are interested.

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Things I need to Buy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whenever I leave the house, I make it a point that I canvass for things that I need to buy. I know they are a bit expensive and they may look like leisure trips but I really need to have them if I will continue on the course that I have today. So here they are:

I need a laptop for me and my wife. Desktops are out of the question. I am a tinkerer (If there is such a word) and I love to tinker with my desktop, which eventually led to its death. Now I need a laptop so I can bring it anywhere so I can be online non stop. My wife needs one too since this one that I am using is about to die and my son plays with it, even though he cannot speak yet.

I need a desk and a chair. A real desk and an ergonomic chair for my office at home. I am sitting on my bedroom floor while my laptop is on top of back issues of FHM, UNO, Top Gear, and Cosmo. I just had a mild lumbar scoliosis, back pain for short, so my back is really not liking the way things are. I have searched in the malls and found some that are good but not that I want.

I need a PSP back. I need something to keep me busy and is powerful enough to keep me occupied when I am waiting for things to do. Plus, I MISS PLAYING PSP!!! Huhuhuhuhuh...

So far those are the things I need. Please post comments if you know a place where there are good deals or if you just want to comment on my eventual splurging.

Gusto ko na maging high school uli

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mas magada ko mag sulat pag Tagalog. Sorry for my English spokening friends.

I am 28 years old, 29 na next month. Medyo matagal na high school para sa kin. Hindi ko na alam ang mga nangyari sa mga kaklase ko nung HS pero yung iba naman ok lang, FB FB lang. Madami akong karanasan nung HS na hindi kayang pantayan ng college life ko.

Nung HS kasi kami ang last batch na hindi Co Ed. Sa mga hindi nakaka alam kung ano ang Co Ed eh eto yung magkasama ang babae at lalaki. Sa madaling salita, hiwalay ang lalaki sa babae. Kahit kami ang nagrequest na pagsamahin na at gawing Co Ed ang HS eh tinupad naman. Sa lower batch sinimulan. Anyways, akala ng iba pangit yun, corny. Hindi. Mas ok nga yun kasi mas free ang mga lalaki na gawin ang gusto nila and yung mga babae din ata.

Naalala ko yung first year orientation namin. Si Mrs. Manapat pa yung nag conduct ata nun. Sabi nila, ang pinaka lowest year na nahuli na naglalampungan sa classroom eh 2nd year. Baka daw ma break namin yung record at first year pa lang eh may nag mamake out na sa classroom.

Ayun, meron na nga, pareho ko pang barkada...

First year din ng nagpaiyak kami ng teacher. Hindi lang teacher, second in command pa ata ni Gen. Manapat yun. Anyways, umiyak sya kasi hindi kami nag bigay ng class fund for Teacher's Day. Eh kasi naman mali mali yung sistema nun. May teacher din kami na comedy, si Leyti. Kasi dini discuss nya yung landing ni MacArthur sa Leyte. Sabi niya Leyti, sabi namin "Ma'am, LEYTE." "Oo nga, LEYTI!". Ayos.

Naalal ko din nung na disqualify yung banda namin sa Battle of the Bands kasi nagmura yug vocalist namin. Yung drum pedal kasi sira na kanina pa eh ayaw ayusin. Disqualified daw kami. Wawa naman kami.

Yung stampede comedy din yun. Bago matapos lunch period namin, lahat ng lalake tatambay sa lobby ng 2nd floor. Then pag nag bell na tatakbo kami lahat pabalik sa classroom namin. Bahala na kung sino tamaan. Minsan nga yung altar hinagis sa min habang nagtatakbuhan kami. Panalo.

Madami dami pa. Para hindi magulo, eto na ang mga na mimiss ko

1. Playing Magic Cards
2. Yung pag dismissal namin eh nag aagawan ng studio na pag jajammingan
3. Tatambay sa bahay ng kaklase after school
4. Pag gawa ng kung ano ano gamit ang abaca
5. Sapakan ng walang dahilan (actually kahit matanda na ko meron ap din nito)
6. Intrams
7. "Love me or Leave me!" ( after nya mag bigay ng rose sa crush nya--aminin mo na kung binabasa mo to!)
8. Yung Hot Air Balloon powered by one big candle (4th Year Science Project)
9. IMPACT-o, pinag duck walk ang isang buong section kasi binato ng armchair yung rotating fan. Bumagsak si rotating fan.

Hay nako...ang dami pa...

I will try my best to bring back some of this. Time Space Warp...ngayon DIN!!!

New Way of Ordering

Saturday, September 05, 2009

I hate lining up in a fastfood restaurant. It negates the whole idea of a fastfood restaurant. Their main marketing idea is you get your food fast. So I don't see why a person in front of you cannot make up their mind between chicken, burger, and spaghetti.

Well I found this video on Facebook, and if these guys were in front of me in a fastfood line, I'll be ok...

New Life

Saturday, September 05, 2009

This blog has existed since 2006, but has only 27 posts all in all.

It reminds me of what I have been reading and observing all throughout my life. You may have lived over 80 years old, but only have lived life a couple of times in your life. So what is life all about? One agent of mine before told me something about life: “Boss, ang buhay hindi parahabaan, pasarapan! (Boss, life is not about the length, it’s about feeling good!).

A lot of people had died recently. Cory Aquino, Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Ka Erdie Manalo and a couple of weeks ago, my father.

When I was at my father’s wake, amidst all the chaos, I thought if I died, how many people would come to my wake?

I know it sounds negative, but it really made me think. How many people would come for the sake of coming? How many people would come because they had something to tell me and they just want to get it out of their chest? Would people cry? Would my wife cry? Would my son miss me?

Over the past few years, I have been working for an industry that demands my time and demands performance (which company doesn’t right?). It pays really well, that is the main selling point for that industry. Night becomes day, day becomes night, people who just graduated gets more than the employees in other industries that has worked longer than they were in school. But that industry demanded too much of my time and energy that I can’t spend quality time with my family anymore. I want to emphasize on energy. Sure I always try to going home Honda (On the dot -- “Honda dot”). But I do not have the energy to spend time with my kid and my wife well enough t be called “quality time”. So I left.

I left the industry I came to love and the industry that taught me everything from presentations, MS Office, down to managing people PROPERLY. I left great people, a good site, and a good paying job. A lot of people were saying that I should just wait it out and eventually I would get the job that I wanted. Some say that I should not leave because I was already an institution in the company, having started it 2003.

I made a choice for my family and for myself. Yeah, I know I do not have the resources that I had before. I do not have the same ability to go anywhere I wanted to go on a Saturday night because I do not have the money to do that anymore. Yes, it sad to feel your buying power reduced to zero. But do you know what I realized tonight?

It does not matter if I am not a manager or a senior manager, I am a father.

I am where I should belong….

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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