Sunday, June 19, 2016


I say no more to the things that hurt me.  To the things that say that I am nothing.  To some who say I was but a shadow, not even a shadow, I am NOWHERE the man I was before.  To Everyone who says that "what happened to you?", "you were THE MAN, the one who will lead, the one who will show up and scoop us out of what hell we are in and show us the path that we should be in.

To everything, I say No.

I will be the one who will be me.  I will be the man who I want to be.  I will not be bound by societies definition of a man, a successful man, a man that can be given awards, can be placed on top of a shelf to be admired and adored by the same people who aspire to be dummies.  I am so TIRED trying to be someone that people will be proud of.  I am tired, living someone else's idea of a MAN.

I will be my OWN MAN.  I will be ME.  F*ck if you like it or not.