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Sunday, May 06, 2007

My CPU is kinda running at 60-75 degrees Celsius. I don't know if it's the weather or what but it is running hot. So I decided to buy a cooler for my CPU and a 160 GB hard drive. I checked out and found a reputed seller and made a deal. I had my wife deposit the money in his account and he shipped the goods via Air21. ETA Saturday. Perfect coz it's my of and I will have time to install the cooler and the hard drive and reformat my PC.

(ramble mode on)

I waited all Saturday for the delivery but ladyluck has frowned on me (yet again). I started waiting around 9:00 am. I called Air21 at 2:00 pm and asked what was the status of the package. They told me it was for delivery. Ok, I waited. It was already 4:00 pm and still no delivery. I called again. This guy was obviously new, he got my details and he said that as much as possible they will try to deliver it before 8:00 pm. Wow, there goes my day. I thought well hey, I'll just install it Sunday, no biggie. 7:00 pm, no delivery. I called Air 21 again, the guy who answered seemed ok. He told me that it was coming from QC ( I live in Cainta for crying out loud, why is it in QC??!?!!? ). Anyways he escalated the case and said that it will be delivered today. I asked him if it is not delivered today, when will I expect it? He said, in a very perky voice, "Ay sir! Monday na po kasi hindi po kami nag dedeliver ng Sunday." One hour till the deadline and I just got this very important detail. I told him that their commitment has the same meaning as opening a can of tuna fish. And that if I do not get my package, it will be hell to pay on Monday.

I work in a call center. Some of you may think that working in a CC is an easy job. We provide world class customer service. I do not care which call center you are from, all of us provide world class service to our customers because if we do not we won't last a day. Saying this, I am convinced that in the Philippines, customer service is not one of the things business owners prioritize. Well, big companies in particular. I do not know what, but in the US, if a company did his customers wrong, it's a mortal sin. If it was proven that this company has very poor customer service, they are out. The BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) will haul their assess and shred their licenses. Here, they will just smile and say "Ay sir! Monday na po kasi hindi po kami nag dedeliver ng Sunday."


(ramble mode off)

Well, I just wanna get that out of my system. I'm just thinking, when will the government guard us from these kinds of people? I mean yeah, the country is in shit right now and it's really hard to maintain a business that is why we have to sacrifice and one of the things we sacrifice is our customer service people ( whew! long sentence ). Question sir...when was the country NOT in shit? Every year you say, ( in a very Bill Luz kinda accent ) " Business is not looking up in the Philippines this quarter." With that kind of service, lemme guess why?

Since it will be election time in the next couple weeks, I wish some senatoriables would have something i their commercials such as:

1. Lahat ng jeep hanggang pituhan na lang!! Wala nang siksikan!!!
2. Ang chickenjoy sa Jolibee laging bagong luto!!!
3. Wala nang lupapay na french fries!!!
4. Wala nang tatayo sa mga bus!!!
5. Lahat ng nagbebenta ng DVD, ALAM ANG BINEBENTA NILA!! Hindi puro "Kumplet sison yan ser!"

If wishes were fishes, the world would be an ocean...hay

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