Saturday, June 16, 2007

Been a while...

In a world where there is war, people die needlessly everyday. In a world where there is hunger, disease, pain, sorrow, it is really hard to find something pure in this world. Something that would lift yourself up from whatever ashes you came from. Something that would give hope to the masses. Something that would say "Hey, it will be alright".

When my wife said that she has something to show me in YouTube, I just said "OK". No biggies, just another good video. She was all excited about it. When we got home, I just lied down in bed and she loaded the video. It was the video from Britain's Got Talent. Conny, a six year-old girl, sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I just thought hey, I've watched my share of that, kids singing sweet songs. The moment I heard her voice, I was stunned. I felt light crying, but I think I was too shocked that some of of my bodily functions are not working well. She was really good. I mean really, really, really really, REALLY GOOD! I know it's a cliche, but her voice was of an angel. It was pure, from heaven, from God. She made feel that I was not worthy of hearing her voice. It made me feel unpure, but at the same time she was cleansing me. I hardly say nice things about stuff that I see or hear. But this one is really way up my list of things I want to hear again before I die. Enough of me, here watch it yourselves....


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I always wanted to be a star. When I was a kid, I wanted to be in everything. Not necessarily be "in" like trendy but I want to be always in the loop. Sometimes, I do crazy things just to be noticed.

What is it like being the "star"? Everyone around you knows who you are. Just hearing your name would get reactions like "Ah yeah I know him" or "Yeah, he's from _____, right?". Everyone does know you. BUT, does everyone like you? You may be popular, you maybe a household name. But who is around you? Who holds your hand and says nice things about you even if you're not around?

I just learned one thing, the hard way. It's better to be at the background, laying low and keeping things "steady", rather than be in the spotlight and wither away.