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Saturday, September 05, 2009

This blog has existed since 2006, but has only 27 posts all in all.

It reminds me of what I have been reading and observing all throughout my life. You may have lived over 80 years old, but only have lived life a couple of times in your life. So what is life all about? One agent of mine before told me something about life: “Boss, ang buhay hindi parahabaan, pasarapan! (Boss, life is not about the length, it’s about feeling good!).

A lot of people had died recently. Cory Aquino, Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Ka Erdie Manalo and a couple of weeks ago, my father.

When I was at my father’s wake, amidst all the chaos, I thought if I died, how many people would come to my wake?

I know it sounds negative, but it really made me think. How many people would come for the sake of coming? How many people would come because they had something to tell me and they just want to get it out of their chest? Would people cry? Would my wife cry? Would my son miss me?

Over the past few years, I have been working for an industry that demands my time and demands performance (which company doesn’t right?). It pays really well, that is the main selling point for that industry. Night becomes day, day becomes night, people who just graduated gets more than the employees in other industries that has worked longer than they were in school. But that industry demanded too much of my time and energy that I can’t spend quality time with my family anymore. I want to emphasize on energy. Sure I always try to going home Honda (On the dot -- “Honda dot”). But I do not have the energy to spend time with my kid and my wife well enough t be called “quality time”. So I left.

I left the industry I came to love and the industry that taught me everything from presentations, MS Office, down to managing people PROPERLY. I left great people, a good site, and a good paying job. A lot of people were saying that I should just wait it out and eventually I would get the job that I wanted. Some say that I should not leave because I was already an institution in the company, having started it 2003.

I made a choice for my family and for myself. Yeah, I know I do not have the resources that I had before. I do not have the same ability to go anywhere I wanted to go on a Saturday night because I do not have the money to do that anymore. Yes, it sad to feel your buying power reduced to zero. But do you know what I realized tonight?

It does not matter if I am not a manager or a senior manager, I am a father.

I am where I should belong….

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