Monday, April 30, 2007

I always watch TV when I was a kid. But my family did not want me to watch tagalog movies. The most tagalog I watched was Batibot. It became a habit and I kinda liked watching series with my brothers. Series like A Team, Mission: Impossible, and my all-time favourite, Macgyver.

We often joked about him, saying that he can get out of anything. I remember this episode where he stopped a chemical leak from a tank by sealing it with a bar of Nestle Crunch. My brother always said "Pwede kang magkape kahit na nasusunog na bahay nyo basta kasama mo si Macgyver." Yeah, I think he would get out of that situation with his eyes closed and hands tied behind his back.

I was browsing through YouTube and I saw this link. It's a video of a guy playing the theme song of Macgyver using his acoustic guitar. The thing that blew my mind was the accuracy of the whole thing. I mean, it was really really close to the actual song. Here check it out yourselves.

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