Sorta of a rest day

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Well another set of weekend is over. If you're working the night shift like I do, you know that you 2 days off is just like one whole day.

After my shift, I went straight to STUH (UST hospital) to meet my baby. She is getting an OGCT. Medical students know what this is, for us normal people, it's a more intensive blood test where you have to fast for 6 hours and then they will get blood samples every hour for the next 3 hours. Talk about torment. My wife hates needles, and she loves eating so I will leave it at that.

After that we went to my sister's place to rest. But we weren't able to rest coz my mom "missed" us so much she went on and on about things going on in my family. Boy Abunda could make one full year of stories for the Buzz with my family's issues. Good thing my brother will fetch my mom going back to the hospital so we had a ride back.

We knew the doctor would be late. She normally comes in 12 noon on Saturdays, but she had a family thing so she came around 3 pm. We waited a good 3 hours for her, but we already knew that. My body has the ability to rest just by resting my head on anything that can hold it up so I kinda dozed off while waiting. Also, this weekly wait time is a good QT for me and my wife.

After that we went home. Figured what to eat and I started playing with my PC. Then we slept. Woke up. Played with my PC again and my wife played with our dogs. I switched to playing PS2 and my wife switched playing with PC. Then it's Monday again. Have to work tonight.

Rest day?....Well I was able to rest for a day. Right.

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