Super Duper Mario

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am a gaming addict. From the time I hung out on computer rental shops ( not a cyber cafe coz they were only renting console games ), to the time I got my first gaming console, a fabulous Family Computer ( costs around P800 that time ), I was spending hours on games like Contra, Adventure Island, Robocop, etc.... If there was one game that I am sure that all of us played, it has to be Super Mario Brothers 1. Not the other versions, the original one.

I received this link through a friend. This guy is amazing. He took the game in 5 minutes. The sheer acrobatic moves he made during the game, the way he jumped over the Hammer Brothers, the flying ducks, the cacti in the tubes, how he managed to jump and jump from the holes, and he did all of this without dying nor without any special item ( no mushroom, no star, no flower power ), it's amazing. I wonder how long he practiced. Talk about too much time on their hands.....

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