Seven Random Things

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Been a while huh....Sorry for not updating my blog as usual.. I have been kinda busy for the past few days, and my eyes are hurting when I stare at the PC for a while. Maybe I need glasses again.

Well my wife tagged me and I need to write 7 random things about me. Well, I can tell you a lot of things but let's start with these 7:

1. I don't like to be told what to do. Maybe because of my boastful nature. I mean I know what right things to do, just don't tell me ( like this task ).

2. I am a jack of all trades, but a master of none. I am a very quick learner, but I tire out fast and move on to the next new thing. It's like I know a lot, but I do not really consider myself an authority to any of them.

3. You can leave at any place that has a TV with cable, PS2 with games that I like, a DVD player and some Pancit Canton and I'll be ok for weeks to come. Just give me food and something to do and I will be quiet.

4. I like reading books. I don't really love reading but I would rather have a good book on a cool Sunday afternoon rather than go to a bar Saturday night.

5. I don't have one music preference. My CD collection ranges from Vienna Teng to Tears for Fears to Godsmack to Pearl Jam. If I like it, I'll listen to it ( and I don't care what you think ).

6. I always wanted to have some special power, preferably something that would not alter what I look like. I like the power of The Shadow. You know, the Alec Baldwin movie where he plays a hero that can cloud people's minds. That's cool.

7. I am a tinker. I like to try things that has machinery. I often play with our old TV set. Not play like a toy, but open it up and check if all transistors and capacitors are working. Sometimes, my brother yells at me because he can't find his tester.

So that is it. And like the good blogger that I am, I tag Enoc, Larry, and Den.

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