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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ok so here it is. My first attempt to monetize my blog.

I have read about making money online. There are a lot of things out there so you have to be careful. Select the best one that suits your taste and then start it, as one blogger says.

Me I like writing about stuff. Reviews, endorsements, and advertising. That is my gig. I know I still have a long way to go but here is my first step. Someone told me about Link from Blog. I went to their site and I like the idea.

This site is for both Advertisers and Bloggers. Truly a community promoting online advertising. Advertisers can sign up and look for writers to advertise their product. Bloggers on the other hand would earn by doing a write up about a that certain product. I know that this sounds familiar, but here is the catch. They are offering 0% commissions and not withdrawal fee! Now together with the free sign up, you absolutely have nothing to shell out and earn immediately.

I have started my journey towards my new career. You guys should try it. Click here if you are interested.

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