Things I need to Buy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whenever I leave the house, I make it a point that I canvass for things that I need to buy. I know they are a bit expensive and they may look like leisure trips but I really need to have them if I will continue on the course that I have today. So here they are:

I need a laptop for me and my wife. Desktops are out of the question. I am a tinkerer (If there is such a word) and I love to tinker with my desktop, which eventually led to its death. Now I need a laptop so I can bring it anywhere so I can be online non stop. My wife needs one too since this one that I am using is about to die and my son plays with it, even though he cannot speak yet.

I need a desk and a chair. A real desk and an ergonomic chair for my office at home. I am sitting on my bedroom floor while my laptop is on top of back issues of FHM, UNO, Top Gear, and Cosmo. I just had a mild lumbar scoliosis, back pain for short, so my back is really not liking the way things are. I have searched in the malls and found some that are good but not that I want.

I need a PSP back. I need something to keep me busy and is powerful enough to keep me occupied when I am waiting for things to do. Plus, I MISS PLAYING PSP!!! Huhuhuhuhuh...

So far those are the things I need. Please post comments if you know a place where there are good deals or if you just want to comment on my eventual splurging.

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